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We're Cail & Angela Desrochers and we help you monetize your passion and free yourself from the daily grind.

What We’re About

Do you work all day just to come home to a house that needs cleaning and a dinner that needs cooking?

That doesn’t even include your kids who are at school and daycare all day and still can’t get an ounce of your time when you’re home.

It’s not your fault though.

Unfortunately this is becoming the American dream, because there’s just no way that a family can survive on one income anymore.

But what if you were able to replace your income AND still be able to be home with your kids and have time to get more done around the house?

When we started out trying to start our own online business we followed all of the experts, watched as many webinars as we could on things like “getting 10,000 people on your mailing list”, “building the ultimate sales funnel”, or “making six-figures on your first webinar”…

It was completely overwhelming!

Not only that, but we didn’t even know what we were going to create content about – never mind getting a mailing list to 10,000 people!

So we did our own homework – we tried as many different approaches as we could and we learned with trial and error.

We also wasted a lot of time and money.

But we finally figured out a system that has worked for us and has even allowed Angela to quit her job and spend the summer home with our kids. I’m not far behind in following in her footsteps and soon enough we’ll be looking for our own home in the Caribbean!

The best part?

Unlike the experts and gurus in the industry, we want to share everything we’ve learned with you!


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