Join a Challenge Group

What is a Challenge Group?

A challenge group is an opportunity… an opportunity to work towards a goal. Your goal! The nice part about a challenge group is that you aren’t doing it alone.  We are there with you through the entire process along with all the other members of the group.

Who should join a Challenge Group?

Our Challenge Groups are for anyone who wants to achieve the common goal of the group.  Joining a group will provide a community to connect with, as well as support and accountability.

  • Have you been struggling to get up early?
  • Are you unmotivated or feeling unfocused?
  • Do you want to lose weight and really need an accountability partner to see you through the process?
  • Are you looking for a group of like-minded individuals to help you achieve your health and fitness goals?

If you answered yes, check out our upcoming challenge groups below.

Upcoming Challenge Groups

We run several different types of challenge groups throughout the year. Check back soon for our upcoming groups!

Early Riser Challenge

Do you struggle to get up early? Does hitting snooze a dozen times each morning start your day off stressful, chaotic and unproductive?

If you’ve always wanted to be one of those people who get up early and always seem to be full of energy because of it, then this Challenge is for you. We’ll give you tips and tricks over the course of 3 weeks that will not only help you get up early but also optimize your sleep and work in a bit of self-improvement.

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